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  • Convert byte to binary representation

    Use the following to show a byte value in binary representation.

  • Calculating the mean and standard deviation in one pass

    It is possible to calculate the mean and the standard deviation of a serie of double values while iterating only once on the whole set of data. This approach is thus also suitable for streaming data; it could update the mean and standard deviation on-the-fly. Here I present an implementation of the algorithm shown by […]

  • Quote or escape your Java classpath in cygwin!

    If you are using Java in cygwin, a little attention is necessary because two worlds collide. On the one hand, the Windows world, where the java.exe lives and on the other the bash of cygwin in which you are starting the command. In particular, when setting the classpath you need to pay attention to the […]

  • Getting the number of dimensions of a multidimensional array in Java

    Based on my about cloning multidimensional arrays, I have come up with a short static function to get the number of dimensions which a multidimensional array has. Note that this method only returns the number of dimensions of the original object passed as argument. It does not expand into the contained objects themselves. Example: prints […]

  • Cloning multidimensional arrays in Java

    In Java, calling the clone() method on an array returns a copy of the array, that is a new array containing references to the same objects as the source array. In particular, the objects themselves are not copied. As multidimensional arrays are just arrays of arrays, cloning a multidimensional array result in only the first […]