Removing french language in Eclipse’s findbugs plugin

When using the findbugs plugin in Eclipse in an environment where the locale is french, all bug descriptions appear in french. Theses messages are not displayed correctly, supposedly because of an encoding incompatbility with HTML.

In order to get the original, english messages, we will remove the french messages from the plugin. Do the following:

  • locate and go to your Eclipse plugin folder (maybe at c:\Program Files\Eclipse\plugins)
  • in the plugins find the findbugs folder (edu.umd.cs.findbugs.plugin.eclipse_x.x.x.xxxxxxxx, where the x stand for a version number)
  • in that folder, you find the plugin as a jar (findbugs-plugin.jar), open it with a zip utility and rename the file messages_fr.xml to (for example) messages_fr.xml.noFrench so that it won’t be found on startup