Maven Eclipse (m2e) SCM connector for subclipse 1.10 (svn 1.8)

Running Maven m2e on Eclipse Kepler (4.3) with subversion is not working out of the box, which is astonishing when taking into account the ubiquity of these three technologies Eclipse/Maven/Subversion.

In short my successful attempt:

  • Installed Eclipse Kepler 4.3 (which comes with m2e)
  • Installed from Marketplace Subclipse 1.10 (update site is

Now to check out a maven project from an SVN repository, you need an SCM connector for m2e. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, no connector is available for subclipse, neither from m2e nor from tigris. The following unofficial project has a working connector But there’s no corresponding update site – you need to get the code, build it, and use the output update site.

To simplify this step for future installations, I compiled that connector and make it available here

How to install the SCM connector:

  • download zip
  • unzip the file to an empty folder somewhere, remember that folder
  • In Eclipse,
    • go to Help/Install New Software…
    • Click “Add…” to add a new site
    • In the window, click on “Local…” and choose the folder where you unzipped the site before. The result in the Location field should look like file:/C:/theUnzipFolder/
    • Click OK, choose all available packages to install, and continue the installation as usual

Hope this helps somebody.